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Nov 10, 2013 5:30pm PST
. there are many areas cut off by flooding and landslides. people living outside of the region don't know when they will get word of their family's fate. >> i have no contact anymore. i tried calling them since this morning. an hour later i was calling and still nothing. >> reporter: in addition to the buildings flooded others were flattened. debris and sometimes bodies hanging from the branches. the typhoon is like nothing seen here before. the casualties come even after the government evacuated nearly 800,000 people ahead of that typhoon. back to you. >> this is what typhoon haiyan looks like from space. you can see the storm is gigantic. it is expected to hit northern vietnam tomorrow morning. people there are getting ready. schools and markets are closed. 170,000 military troops are moving nearly a million people to safe zones. and the bay area is doing what it can to help in the relief effort. the aid may be coming in, it could be awhile until it gets to those who need it the most. [singing] >> reporter: this pastor, on guitar, the ministries is led in song and prayer for victims of the
Nov 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
in critical condition. the condition of the other person is unknown. >>> now to don knapp is where the police are looking for witnesses. >> reporter: the question is was it a violent crime or accident? that is what they are trying to find out. it all came to light yesterday when a doctor who lives in the neighborhood was walking his dog on campus and came across the teen boy lying on the ground bleeding. let's take a look at the video. what you will see are investigators this afternoon working behind the gym where the doctor found the boy. he was unconscious and unresponsive heed. he administered first aid and called 911. the 17-year-old was airlifted to oakland medical hospital and remains there in a medically induced coma. the investigators examined the scene trying to determine about if the boy may have fallen from the gym roof or if there was evidence he was a victim of assault. the boy may have been involved in a high risk dangerous game. >> through the investigation, the detectives talked to his family member and friends who discovered and engaged in the extreme part in the past and be
Nov 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. don knapp is in the neighborhood where the firefighters contained the fire. hi don. >> reporter: actually the fire broke out in one of the worst places of all to break out in the city like this with wooden structures side by side. it broke out between two buildings and quickly spread to both of those buildings. the area we're in as you pointed out a trendy area of san francisco. the laurel heights area. we're at locust and sacramento. the 3600 block. let's take a look at the video of the fire when it was raging pretty hot. it burned very fast. hot and very very smoky. firefighters arriving on the scene quickly called a second alarm and then a third alarm. it took about two and a half hours to get it under control. now no one was hurt. but many were quite shaken up. at least three residential areas are on the bottom floor -- are in the building of those two buildings and on the bottom floor is a store in which isabel hutton was working at the time. >> because we stuck -- started to hear voices and fire, fire. so i left. and i see flames but we were n
Nov 2, 2013 5:30pm PDT
they go into effect. >>> and don't look now. the holiday shopping deals are already out. why retailers are starting now instead of waiting until black friday. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >>> just over an hour ago, federal murder charges were filed against the gunman in the shooting at los angeles international airport. tonight witnesses recount the terrifying moments including one man who came face to face with the gunman. >> i went and kind of cowered in a corner and the shooter was just calmly walking down the corridor. he saw me cowering there. he had his gun and he look at me and he said, tsa? and i just shook my head. and he kept going. >> the shooting left one tsa agent dead and five other people including the gunman paul ciancia injured. there are new details on ciancia. he is in the hospital in critical condition. and we have learned that see ciancia was shot in the head. he lives in los angeles but originally is from new jersey. teri okita reports. >> reporter: authorities actually say that someone dropped ciancia off here at l.a.x. before this shooting. he then went in
Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
of shopping space. it may be good for the economy but not the shops forced out because of the changes, don? >> reporter: anyone who shops here knows this is a great shopping mall. >> reporter: people are shopping taking little notice of the public hearing signs tied to the lampposts. more on the master plan that will see 300,000 square feet add to the shopping area. that is good news for shoppers. this couple comes here from danville. >> the variety of shops that are offered, the outdoor feel. >> neiman marcus, nordstrom, macy's, all of the above. >> reporter: making changes with new construction where 100 shops stand. the shops have to vacate by early next year according to the "times." one shop owner says he was surprised by a january 31st deadline to get out. >> the economy is getting better. so, i checked out a different type of spot. there will be some variety. it is all good. >> not good for the store. >> reporter: one store owner says they are moving ahead with the plans before getting approvals. a city spokesperson declined to comment. victoria secret already moved. it seems th
Nov 16, 2013 5:30pm PST
for a while, bart wants to head back to the bargaining table over a mistake in the contract. don is at the station and commuters are faced with the possibility of another strike just before the holidays? >> reporter: i think everybody around the bay area is wondering what happened. we had a couple of strikes, finally got a resolution and now, this. the question is, can it be fixed and can it be fixed without another strike? >> i may strike every time i turn around and they've got the best benefits in the world already. >> reporter: after months of acrimonious negotiations, two strikes and the accidental deaths of two workers, bart and its unions reached agreement on contracts. now a contract for paid family medical leave that bart is calling a glitch is about to send the two sides back to the bargaining table, raising once again the possibility of another strike. >> as you know, we have never spoken the word strike. it has always come from the district. our moments were pushed into a strike july 1st and we were pushed into a strike october 18th. >> are you being pushed now? >> n
Nov 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
san jose where volunteers are collecting much needed food, water and clothing. don? >> communities all around the bay are continuing extraordinary efforts to raise aid, money, medical supplies, food for the philippines. in san jose in the north side, even at this hour on a sunday night, effort continues with cars coming up and dropping off goods. >> this may be one of the high powered generated events. he comes with a box of old but clean shirts. chavez and david petricci is on happened. >> i know we've had a lot of drive this week and last week. that needs to keep going on. this is our small part of adding one more donation for folks ready, willing and ready to look for ways to help. >> trying to help organize the community, for the big tragic event to happen, to our communities home country. >> most of the first shipment of food and medical supplies arriving have been stuck at airports, getting to where it needs to be has been a challenge. >> wait. >> the first problem the medical volunteers will face. they left san francisco international airport saturday night. >> step one, finding
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7